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Paxera Health

World-leading AI imaging platform developer

PaxeraHealth Corp™ is a world-leading, innovative medical imaging platform developer based in Boston, MA. We design next generation technology to automate clients’ workflow, elevate patient care and improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Leveraging technology and staying at the forefront of new imaging technological developments is our top priority at PaxeraHealth, which is why we are considered pioneers in the imaging industry for Artificial Intelligence. We offer “Algorithms as a Service” and a zero-coding authoring platform to enable healthcare systems to self-develop and expedite the production of clinically validated imaging AI algorithms. Additionally, we have developed native AI algorithms for our imaging platforms that concurrently aid with analyzing large sets of data, prioritizing high-risk studies, decreasing reading times, and reducing false positives and costly patient recalls.

Our Vision

Leading the medical imaging sector by developing and delivering state-of-the-art imaging solutions to improve outcomes for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Our Mission

PaxeraHealth thrives to achieve:


Development of a full range of imaging solutions that serve radiologists, clinicians, and patients


All our solutions comply to industry standards, work flawlessly and efficiently, and have low maintenance costs with high up-times

User friendly

User friendly and customizable interface with multi-lingual interface support


Cost-effective scalable solutions that meet any size healthcare facility needs

Within reach

Optimum consultation and sales services through our regional offices and a large distributor network

Customer satisfaction

Achieve consistent quality and provide premium client support and services

Our Team

Our most valuable assets are the talented, purposeful people on our team. In fact, they are the backbone of PaxeraHealth. We provide an environment that attracts, motivates, and retains the best people, enabling us to be highly productive and consistently achieve excellent results.

Our entire team shares a passion for exploring new ideas, overcoming challenges as well as designing, creating, and delivering market-leading health IT solutions and services. Their unique mix of skills and qualifications matches our customers’ needs, to ensure the delivery of great, purpose-built, customized software applications for healthcare providers – now and for the future.

Our Team
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Our Services

We can help! PaxeraHealth provides integrated and innovative medical imaging solutions to solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges. We architect our services 100% to your needs.

Our team is composed of seasoned developers, product specialists, and analysts who will help shorten the learning curve and allow your business to immediately recognize value. We customize our services to solve your challenges regarding accessing medical imaging and reports, archiving, sharing, and staying secure and cost-effective.

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