Cutting-edge workflow automation

Introducing the all-new web-based PaxeraRIS – an intuitive workflow management platform that enables complete control of all radiology data and simplifies the workflow across the entire radiology department.Built from the ground up using cutting edge technology, the solution boasts a new standard for radiology healthcare informatics with its powerful workflow management engine and extensive set of business intelligence tools.The solution is web-based, cross-platform and cross-browser compatible and can be configured into a local or cloud solution.
Radiology Information System RIS Cutting-edge workflow automation
Radiology Information System RIS Full automated workflow for maximizing resources utilization

Maximize Resource Utilization

PaxeraRIS is designed to automate the radiology departments workflow and maximize the facilities resources while reducing the paperwork and redundant tasks being performed by your staff. Enable your business to grow while reducing costs and human errors.Streamline the operation of multi-site facilities as we connect and consolidate all of the data and workflows.Supports FHIR: enables FHIR clients to retrieve data from a server without performing a more expensive periodic polling queries and enables workflow event-based notifications that keeps applications data in sync.

Mammography Tracking Module

PaxeraRIS has a built-in mammography tracking module which is compliant with Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA), the American College of Radiology (ACR), and Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS). Track all patient bi-rads and automate the follow-up reminder with the ability to send out batch e-mails. Includes template builders for all types of follow-up letters.
Radiology Information System RIS Mammography Tracking module

Streamline your workflow and maximize ROI with a unified solution

Experience a seamlessly integrated PACS-RIS solution with PaxeraHealth – consolidating all of your radiology requirements into one comprehensive and easy to use solution. Save on integration and IT costs while alleviating system administration and support.

Radiology Information System RIS Scheduling & Registration

Scheduling & Registration

Scheduling patients has never been easier using our RIS scheduler. One click to create a new job order, the system is so smart it will auto-fill in information as you type, reducing typing errors and improving consistency to patient data. PaxeraRIS promotes easy administration and planning of all types of appointments and procedures.

Comprehensive Worklist

The fast and flexible worklist search engine has been designed to provide an all-inclusive view of exactly what you need to see, whether it’s the daily worklist schedule or the comprehensive file of a patient across multiple locations.
Radiology Information System RIS Comprehensive Worklist

Billing Management

  • Create invoices with a click of a button and issue them digitally – eliminating the paperwork
  • Utilize multiple payment method from cash, insurance, and more
  • Generate accounting reports effortlessly using our built-in report templates
  • Create customized reports using our advanced report designer
  • Successfully review and manage all system accounting from one page

Business Intelligence Dashboard

PaxeraRIS Dashboard is a business intelligence solution that will revolutionize the way you view the information you need. Simple, interactive & customizable to empower you with a real-time monitoring of workflow and business performance, it improves decision making process and assists with planning forward.The dashboard collects and analyzes data in real time, transforming raw data into customizable metrics and KPI from the whole organization, the reports and dashboard views are easily customizable to monitor critical metrics and ensure steady progress towards success.
Radiology Information System RIS Dashboard for Business Intelligence

PaxeraRIS dashboard reports include:

  • Number of orders, exams and reports
  • Reports verified per radiologists
  • Arrived time to exam time
  • Exam time to report time
  • Arrived time to report time
  • Performed/unperformed exams

  • Order per status
  • Exams per machine
  • Revenue per branch/machine
  • Total profit, refund, remaining and cancelled orders
  • Report turnaround time
  • Exams per branch and per year

Why PaxeraRIS?

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing platforms
  • User friendly interface
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Advanced mammography tracking module
  • Works on any browser or platform
  • Patient engagement and population health tools