Paxera Patient Portal

Access and share medical images securely

At a glance:

The same way PACS has transformed the film-based workflow for the radiology departments and clinicians, Paxera Patient Portal is transforming how facilities share medical images with their patients. The portal takes traditional media (such as films, CDs and DVDs) away from the administration desk and replaces them with an advanced zero-footprint patient portal.

The intuitive, zero-footprint patient portal enables patients to view their medical images and reports from any browser or mobile device and allows the patient to share the study with another physician via a share study URL.

Paxera Patient Portal
Paxera Patient Portal Key Features

Key Features:

  • Reduces staff time and eliminates the cost of producing CDs, DVDs, and films
  • User-friendly interface design with no dedicated training required
  • Patients can access their information from any web browser or mobile device
  • No downloads required or software installations on the patient’s computer
  • Runs as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrates with existing PACS system
  • Improve patients’ satisfaction and enables users to consolidate information that has been dispersed across multiple sources
  • Stores exam reports and images securely
  • Patients can easily upload their studies and send them to other doctors for a second opinion