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The Ark

ARK is a revolutionary zero-coding, AI authoring platform that offers “Algorithms as a service”, and expedites production of clinically validated imaging AI algorithms. It is trusted by top healthcare systems and academic research centers globally.

The Ark, a patent pending technology, is a platform that includes high-end modeling, annotation, and native data curation tools using a balanced dataset from members via collaborative learning.

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KLAS Surveyed Client Testimonials

"We are definitely getting a return on investment with PaxeraHealth [with the] team, the support, and how well the system has run… I am regularly recommending PaxeraUltima to people, [and] groups that purchased the solution have told me they are glad they listened to what I said and bought the system."


"PaxeraUltima works well. We don't have the easiest doctors to work with, and doctors, in general, have different needs, but the system seems to meet all of the doctors' needs… [PaxeraUltima] is a lot better than [any] other system we had."

CEO /President

“One feature [we love] is an image sharing or a study sharing option, and nowadays, that makes it so much easier for either a patient or a referring physician to look at images without having to log into the system... That has definitely been a huge selling point.”


“[PaxeraHealth] is always there to listen, and they are constantly coming up with new features for the system… it is nice to see that the vendor is continually evolving and upgrading the software.”


“PaxeraUltima is as easy as possible for our physicians to use, and it is very fluid for them, so that is great. I like the fact that we can customize some of the hot keys, shortcuts, and what we can do with hanging protocols.”


“PaxeraHealth has fantastic support… When I need support, I can call them, and they get back to me immediately [to] assign me an engineer. The interactions are always friendly.”


“The best part about PaxeraHealth is that we have a complete PACS in one product. On the other hand, [competitor] charges for all the modalities for different things. With PaxeraHealth, we don’t have this problem. We have a singular PACS that can be used for any modality.”

Director – July 2019

Innovative Technologies

Paxera Innovative Technologies

Driven by experience and passion to shape the future in medical imaging

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Paxera Complete Solutions

We develop and provide a full range of imaging solutions that serve radiologists, clinicians and patients

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Paxera Scalability

Scalable medical imaging solutions by Paxera aid you in scaling smarter and faster

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Paxera®’s cost effective
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Paxera Better Visibility

Interoperates with virtually any EMR and PACS, enabling seamless access to all patient images across the enterprise

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Paxera Patient Engagement Enabled

Paxera®’s integrated solutions
allow you to connect with your
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and retention

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