PaxeraUltima is a comprehensive AI-driven enterprise-imaging solution that provides the industry’s most powerful diagnostic and reporting experience – all from a single login.

AI-driven Workflow

PaxeraUltima is an AI-driven enterprise imaging platform that accelerates productivity and quality across the imaging continuum. This class-leading solution actively learns and improves accuracy as it interacts with radiologists, collecting and storing information for instant and future analysis. Acute abnormalities are detected as they enter the worklist, allowing radiologists to focus on prioritizing life-threatening cases, while decreasing reading times and reducing false positives and costly patient recalls.

  • Enhanced EraBot, a voice-controlled AI chatbot, empowers radiologists with seamless navigation of viewing and interpretation through prompts and voice commands.
  • Integrated AI-assisted viewing tools enhance reading efficiencies and clinical workflows while reducing interpretation turnaround time.
  • Next-generation viewer equipped with built-in AI algorithms capable of detecting regions, labels, and radiomics of over 120 anatomical objects.
  • Automated spine labeling, rib counting, organ volumetry, to track changes, or identify radiomics on-the-fly during the reading process.
  • A comprehensive diagnostic and reporting experience platform – all from a single login.

Industry-Leading Viewer

  • Seamless AI workflow integration that improves productivity
  • User-friendly design with a fully customizable user interface
  • Smart built-in hanging protocols learn and adapt to user preferences
  • Seamless comparison and navigation between current and prior studies
  • Support icon built into viewer for near-instant assistance
  • Business analytic tools to monitor workflow within the facility
  • Anywhere, anytime image viewing with zero footprint viewer
  • Maximized productivity with advanced collaborative tools and image sharing
Web Based Pacs PaxeraUltima Features
Web Based Pacs Streamline Workflow

Streamlined Workflow

Daily workflow requirements are streamlined through smart filters, protocols, and full customization of the viewer’s interface. The graphical timeline of the patient’s clinical history enables imaging professionals to interactively view and compare current and prior studies side by side without returning to the work list. From image acquisition to result delivery, we have tools to maximize productivity and minimize resource usage.

Advanced Mobility

View images anywhere, anytime, from tablets or smart phones via the robust iPaxera app, which works on Apple and Android devices.

Radiologists can diagnose on lunch break or vacation time, dictate or write reports via the embedded reporting tool, and send reports by email or save them with studies. Physicians can use their iPad or tablet during consultation, to show patients their images in real time as it gets sent from the acquisition station.

Web Based Pacs
Web Based Pacs PaxeraUltima Share And Collaborate

Sharing and Collaboration

Innovative functionality creates multiple ways to securely share images. Sharing solutions comply with IHE standards and include direct sharing through email, unique URLs, cloud drives, and social media platforms. Communication within the facility becomes a breeze with the ability to assign studies, send messages to other users, and share studies via the online chat feature.

Highly Secure

  • Fully HIPAA compliant architecture designed with the most stringent security standards
  • Dedicated servers with 256 bit SSL encryption for maximum security
  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) for real time accessibility and enhanced security, logs off automatically once users step away from the workstation
  • Password complexity enforcement and authorization verification
  • Division of user groups per duties and responsibilities, requiring varying levels of permissions and privilege
Web Based Pacs Highly Secure

Modality Specific Tools

Web Based Pacs


Paxera's Cardiology PACS System offers a simplistic view to a complex area of care. Streamline all of your studies including Nuclear Medicine, ECG, Cathlab, CT, MRI, X-Ray and more from one workstation without any download time.

Enhance your cardiology department's workflow, diagnosis and reporting with a consolidated workstation that gives you quick access to data.

Our Cardiology PACS offers excellent tools that benefit your workflow by optimizing your staff's productivity with customizable features.

Whether you need to control the frame rate of cine series, compare current and prior studies or need to create a report, Paxera's Cardiology PACS is completely customizable to fit your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Reporting: Create reports quickly and efficiently with our easy to use templates. Cut report write up time in half with the ability to export measurements from Vascular graphs, Echo and more directly to the report.
  • Diagnosis: Our automated clinical toolsets for each cardiovascular procedure decreases mouse mileage and your number of clicks, providing quick turnaround time and confidence for diagnosis.
  • Study Comparison: Quickly view any study from a patient's timeline in the study viewer. Compare current and prior studies easily with a single click from multi-modalities without jumping from workstation to workstation.
Web Based Pacs

Our Ultima Mammography module is designed to optimize productivity and accelerate workflow with a whole set of diagnostic imaging tools for every kind of mammography study on one workstation.

Enhance clinical decision making with the ability to compare studies quickly and easily.

Save time and energy with the ability to view CAD files, tomosynthesis, MRI, ultrasound and US mammography exams from one workstation.

Built with a strong double-blind reading workflow, structural reporting tools, bi-rad categories and more to ensure every diagnosis is executed accurately and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Patient Timeline: See every study a patient has received on the patient timeline with the ability to simultaneously view current and prior studies for quick comparisons.
  • Tomosynthesis: Never miss a detail with the stack indicator control that allows you to see exactly what image slice you are viewing in reference to the breast.
  • Advanced reporting: Easily add the patient’s complete history with templates, as well as different types of findings such as general, mass, calcification, asymmetry, architecture distortion and others with wizard pages.
Web Based Pacs

Paxera Orthopedic provides access to medical images for diagnosis, comparison and analysis. The solution streamlines clinical workflows effortlessly with the ability to view studies in real time. The module is designed to speed up workflow and allows you to focus on your ortho patients with accuracy, timeliness and top quality. The solution enables you to customize your workflow which will boost your productivity. The module comes with reporting tools that take no time at all to create.

Key Features:

  • Study Comparison: Compare studies easily with the patient timeline. Pull down any study for current and prior comparison.
  • Templating: Offering an integrated workflow for Orthopedic templating for pre-operative planning.
  • Full Tool Set: Orthopedic specific tools to ensure every measurement and annotation is reported correctly.
Web Based Pacs

Paxera's Pathology module gives you functionality that goes beyond the microscope. Spend more time reviewing studies instead of working on tedious and redundant tasks. Our scalable system handles high resolution images with ease, giving you complete confidence in making a diagnosis.

Key Features:

  • Organization: With the patient timeline, comparing different studies - whether they are current or prior - is made possible with a single click.
  • One viewer: View all pathology, histopathology and cytology cases from one viewer, saving time and energy.
  • Reporting: Create reports efficiently with built-in templates that are customizable and simplify adding patient information.

Ultima comes with a built-in Peer Review workflow management tool. Receive instant feedback, streamline communication and boost confidence in creating a diagnosis with Ultima’s regulatory-compliant peer review solution. Report and track the status of studies efficiently with icons and comments from fellow radiologists.

Key Features:

  • Track status: Peer reviews can be tracked easily with built-in search criteria. Filters allow you to create lists organized based on review status. See the status of studies right from the worklist.
  • Constructive feedback: Reviews are rated according to ACR scoring, giving you a quantitative review of radiologist’s productivity.
  • Statistics: View cycles of peer reviews and their statuses in one consolidated place. Stay organized and always know where every peer review stands in the review process.
Critical Results

Streamline the reporting of critical results for tests and diagnostic procedures. Mark cases with different levels of severity to ensure that they receive top priority when needed. When a study is flagged, automated delivery of information, monitoring and escalation of undelivered findings ensure timely receipt of the message. Subscribers can customize their profiles and determine how they want to be notified for critical, urgent and important findings.

Key Features:

  • Communication: Share critical findings and add comments to studies easily within the worklist.
  • Status: Track the status of critical cases with filters and automatically see when someone makes changes to a study.
  • Accelerate workflow: Critical information is sent immediately to a healthcare professional via SMS text or email.

Ultima’s discrepancy workflow management tool is designed to make the Emergency Department’s workflows less stressful. The ED can set studies as an emergency with a single click. The tool ensures that all studies that come through the ED get read.

Key Features:

  • Reporting: Make reports and add comments quickly when creating a discrepancy. Accelerate your workflow with reduced clicks and mouse mileage by having everything in one place.
  • Fast workflow: Discrepancies are created and finalized in three steps, ensuring that patients get the care they need immediately.
  • Status: View and search for discrepancies based on their status effortlessly from the worklist.
Web Based Pacs

The PACS system offers a full set of chiropractic tools for general and advanced measurements. Every annotation can be edited and customized to fit your workflow needs. Export measurements to reports easily and choose from a variety of templates.

Key Features:

  • Customizable: Pull measuring tools on to the quick selection menu to make quicker measurements. Annotations can be altered in color, size and measurement.
  • Record data: Create reports easily with built-in templates and export measurements directly to the report.
  • Template: Use templates for advanced measurements, enabling you to give more accurate reports and diagnoses.

CareRad, PaxeraUltima’s patient portal, increases patient satisfaction. Share medical images and data easily with patients. CareRad enables patients to view medical images from a mobile device or tablet. The portal can be accessed directly from the worklist.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective: Eliminates the cost of producing CDs, DVDs, and films.
  • Patient engagement: Patients can share medical images with other care providers easily.
  • HIPAA compliant: Stores exam reports and images securely.
Web Based Pacs

PaxeraUltima's collaboration tools accelerate department workflows and enhance efficiency in getting a second opinion on studies. Improve communication by creating virtual meeting rooms for secure conversations. Receive immediate notifications when a care provider sends a study. Set priorities and assignments to ensure studies get viewed in a timely manner. Use live chat features for real-time collaboration on current studies.

Key Features:

  • Priority settings: Set messages with a priority rating to ensure they get looked at immediately.
  • Assign studies: Getting second opinions is made easy with the ability to assign studies to others.
  • Live chat: See who is logged in with the ability to drag and drop studies for quick comparisons, opinions and advice.

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