Paxera ImageShare

A universal image sharing platform that enables healthcare providers to easily and securely send medical images to caregivers and patients

Paxera ImageShare
Paxera ImageShare

A powerful and secure way to share images across all specialties

PaxeraShare is a modern approach to image sharing and data access across multi-specialty simplifying image sharing and eliminating the need to burn CD/DVDs. The provider-to-provider sharing platform enables anytime, anywhere access to all DICOM and non-DICOM images and offers simple to use viewing tools for annotations and measurements, with no need to view from different proprietary viewers.

PaxeraShare improves care management by allowing physicians to share images easily and securely through a one click or create a temporary link for the study eliminating the need to take CDs to the hospital, reducing readmissions and enhancing clinical care.

The solution is designed using the latest HTML5 technology that requires no software installation and enables recipients to instantly view the images and reports from any browser or smart device regardless of the operating system.

Paxera ImageShare
Paxera ImageShare
  • Works with any PACS system
  • No software installation needed for viewing
  • Streamlines image exchange, saving time and money
  • Offered as cloud service or onsite hosting
  • Transition from CD/DVDs, enhance image sharing and accessibility
  • Share file formats from all specialties, including non-DICOM files
  • Easy to deploy and manage for IT

Complete provider-to-patient
image sharing platform

Enable patients to access their medical images and reports from any device or browser without having to burn CDs or DVDs

Paxera ImageShare
Paxera ImageShare

PaxeraShare deploys on top of any PACS in few hours with no IT customization required, the easy to deploy system helps you achieve Meaningful Use requirements, streamline image sharing, increase revenue by reducing administrative burdens and enhance patient care

The solution offers patients a convenient way to access and view all their historical data from one viewer, available to them whenever required. Patients can use the app to get their medical images from the imaging center to a surgeon at another facility across town. Studies can be managed from any smartphone and it’s all HIPAA-compliant

Stop burning CD/DVDs and start providing your patients with a modern solution to share medical images easily and securely

  • Enhance patient experience
  • Cuts cost of producing CDs/DVDs and films
  • Runs as stand-alone solution or integrates with your current PACS
  • Enables patients to consolidate their dispersed studies
  • Accessible from any browser, iOS or Android devices
  • Allows patients to share their studies with their caregivers
Paxera ImageShare