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PaxeraHealth’s modular approach simplifies implementation. Rather than one “big-bang” go live date, our incremental adoption approach minimizes stress on clinicians and IT staff, with no downtime required.

Cloud and on-premise options –PaxeraHealth solutions can be entirely cloud-based, or a hybrid or on-premise and cloud-based, depending on your needs.

Our solutions are designed to support your facility’s growth, managed through one simple login and backed by our signature consultation and support.

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Universal Viewer

PaxeraHealth’s intuitive zero footprint viewer is designed to easily embed within your organizations EHR / EMR. Break the boundaries between departments and enables a 360 view of patient records across the enterprise.

The viewer comes with an ultra-fast streaming engine, comprehensive client-side image manipulation tools and works on all devices and browsers. The viewer takes full advantage of HTML 5, requires no downloads, and leaves no trace behind.


  • Enables growth and smart scale-up without workflow interruption
  • Liberates data from proprietary archiving and improves data ownership
  • Reduces cost and implementation complexity with a unified storage
  • Single point of access to multimedia patient content
  • Automates departmental and enterprise imaging workflows
  • Enables best-of-breed approach with a single archiving solution
  • Achieves higher speed to access current and prior studies
  • Solves patient identification and presentation issues
  • View entire patient history along the continuum of care
  • 360 degree access to medical data for multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Redundancy with no single point of failure
  • Advanced data analytics for better clinical and operational insights
  • Interoperable with all EMR / EHR / RIS systems
  • Comprehensive data life cycle management tools
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Vendor Neutral Archive VNA Comprehensive Data Life Cycle Tools

Comprehensive Data Life Cycle Tools

Our extensive data life cycle tools take the pain out of the long term storage solutions. The comprehensive tools come with rule specific controls for custom deletion and retention policy and are designed to automate workflow, optimize IT investments, improve staff productivity, and boost data integration. The solution helps users anticipate what the state of their data should be across the data life cycle.