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Medical Imaging Sharing Platform

CareRad is an image exchange platform solving a basic problem: how to give patients control over their MRI, CT, x-ray studies and other medical images, right from their mobile phones. CareRadMD, the provider side companion app, allows radiologists to communicate directly with providers and solves communication issues for critical results.

Image Sharing CareRad
Image Sharing CareRad

The problem

While the healthcare world has moved from printed film to CD and DVD, the rest of the world has moved way beyond. Expensive image management solutions do exist, but none are designed with the patient in mind; patients have no easy way to access, manage and share studies with their caregivers.

The solution

CareRad is a patient-oriented app that empowers patients to control and share their images. It’s so patient friendly, that patients can access and forward MRI studies to additional physicians right from their smartphones. Once verified by CareRad, a patient can use the app to get his/her knee MRI from the imaging center to an orthopedic surgeon at another facility across town. The patient controls the whole transaction, including permissions for the orthopedic surgeon. Studies can be managed from a smartphone and it’s all HIPAA-compliant.

Critical results

CareRadMD solves the critical results notification issue by sending notifications to a mobile device that direct the provider to open the CareRadMD app. The app captures the delivery, the opening of the message, and the response, such as “call the radiologist” or “forward to another provider.”

The benefits

  • Cuts cost of producing CDs / DVDs and films
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Runs as stand-alone solution or integrates with your current PACS
  • Enables patients to consolidate their dispersed studies
  • Allows patients to share their studies with their caregivers
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Features a critical results notification
  • Available on App store and Google play
Image Sharing CareRad