Is Your Medical Data Secure?

In 2021, 45 million individuals* were affected by healthcare attacks. Don’t let your patients be another number. Ensure your imaging data is protected with a world-class solution.


Cybersecurity breaches hit an all-time high in 2021, with 679 healthcare breaches – an 84% increase in total number of breaches since 2018 – according to a report* from cybersecurity company Critical Insights.

Keeping your patients’ data and imaging secure continues to be a huge challenge when owning your own hardware. Along with keeping this data confidential, systems must store this information in a way that can be reliably retrieved by the system’s users. Locally hosted systems can easily be accessed through cybersecurity attacks and ransomware viruses, and are often not well defended against data loss threats such as system failure and natural disasters.

Transition to a Secure Cloud Enterprise Platform

PaxeraHealth’s cloud enterprise imaging platform is designed to maximize security and scalability. Our archiving system is built to securely store data from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, hosted in a SOC 2 audited and certified data center.

Our multi-layered security strategy protects your facility’s data from malicious attacks, including malware and network infiltration. Protective measures including antivirus, firewalls, network segmentation, DDoS mitigation, data encryption, and more defend against any possible threat.

PaxeraHealth engineers, with the assistance of next generation AI security tools, perform ongoing assessments to validate and adjust protection against new activity and threats. Our off-site disaster recovery and round-the-clock support gives you peace of mind.

We’ve partnered with today’s top public-cloud providers for supporting your local, regional, or national scale enterprise, allowing you to focus on your clinical outcomes as we ensure optimal performance while your data is encrypted and kept safe every step of the way.



24/7 dedicated support staff with proactive real-time monitoring, mitigating risks and ensuring quick identification and resolution.



Dedicated servers with 256 bit SSL encryption for maximum security. Password complexity enforcement and authorization verification.



Real time data accessibility for authorized users. Redundancy with no single point of failure and offsite disaster recovery.

Ready to protect your imaging data?

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