JUNE 14 – 16, 2023
Booth # 426

Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

PaxeraHealth’s Ark platform (a patent pending technology) is impacting healthcare systems and academic research centers around the globe with our zero-coding AI algorithm technology, Benefit from:-

  • A no-code authoring platform offering “Algorithms as a service”
  • DIY your own AI algorithms for all possible modalities, body parts, and anomalies
  • Expedite production of clinically validated imaging algorithms
  • Utilize a full suite of authoring tools for high-end modeling, annotation, and native data curation
  • Accessible, affordable, safer and faster to deploy

The Ark platform was developed to democratize AI and reduce medical errors and overall healthcare costs. Our high definition labeling technology reduces the amount of data required for training and increases the efficiency of the created AI algorithms.

Additionally, the Ark delivers a streamlined research PACS platform to help researchers collect, curate, manage, and share data for clinical trials and collaboration on other research opportunities, leading to improved research productivity and less time wasted directly managing data.

    Chat with the PaxeraHealth team and receive a walk-through of our AI imaging platform