PaxeraUltima is a powerful browser-based, all-encompassing multi-modality medical viewer. It provides a consolidated work list and an easy to use universal viewer with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools – all from a single login.


  • Ultra-fast streaming technology, no more waiting while studies are rendering
  • User-friendly design with fully customizable user interface
  • Smart built in hanging protocols and option to build your own – modality and screen count specific
  • Compare multiple studies and navigate between current and prior studies seamlessly
  • Highly scalable, it will grow with your facility
  • E-mail anonymized images directly from the study viewer
  • Burn CD/DVDS and export studies effortlessly
  • Import DICOM and non-DICOM files, including jpegs, pdfs, bitmaps and more
  • Complete reporting workflow with built in dictation, customized templates, and ability to add images
  • Business analytic tools to monitor workflow within the facility
PaxeraUltima Features

Streamline Workflow

Daily workflow requirements are streamlined through smart filters, protocols, and full customization of the viewer’s interface. The graphical timeline of the patient’s clinical history enables imaging professionals to interactively view prior studies, and compare current prior studies side by side, without returning to the work list.


The solution includes an embedded zero footprint (ZFP) viewer that requires no downloads, installations, or plugins. Studies can be reviewed on tablets and smart phones via the robust iPaxera app.

PaxeraUltima Streamline Workflow
PaxeraUltima Share And Collaborate

Share And Collaborate

Innovative functionality creates multiple ways to securely share images. Sharing solutions comply with IHE standards, including directly via email or through unique URLs, cloud drives, and social media platforms. Communication within the facility becomes a breeze with the ability to assign studies, send messages to other users, and share studies via the online chat feature.

Highly Secure

  • Fully HIPAA compliant architecture designed with the most stringent file transfer security standards
  • Dedicated servers with premium SSL encryption up to 256-bit for maximum security
  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) for real time accessibility and enhanced security, verifies user’s presence during account login, automatically logs-off once users step away from the workstation.

Modality Specific Tools

  • Integrated advanced visualization tools including multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and MIP.
  • Supports standard and tomosynthesis mammography studies, view CAD files with nipple alignment and FROC curve, and advanced structural reporting tool
  • Built in CT-PET fusion toolbox and SUV measurement
  • Hounsfield number for CT scans
  • Automatic spine labelling, position synchronization, and auto-link CT and MR images
  • Fetal measurements and chiropractic tools
  • Support Cardiac imaging with cine tool, ECG waveform viewer,

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