Dental acquisition and viewing station.

At a glance:

PaxeraDental is a comprehensive and easy to use web-based PACS solution for displaying dental images. The solution features extensive hanging protocols, including various predefined and customizable FMX template modes. The incorporated hanging protocols enable users to automatically display digital radiographic images on display areas on one or multiple monitors. The images show intraoral, panoramic, and cephalometric views generated during examinations. PaxeraDental supports all DICOM modalities and features a full spectrum of diagnostic and reporting tools.

Features and benefits include:-

  • Acquires intraoral, conebeam, ceph and panoramic X-rays images
  • Supports all DICOM modalities
  • Conforms to ISO 3950 Tooth notations
  • Extensive radiographic dental projection including periapical, bitewing, occlusal, panoramic and cephalometric
  • Easy to use dental charts to setup the periapical view
  • Supports both permanent and deciduous dental charts
  • Ability to change dental notation of dental charts
  • Ability to capture current displayed view as a new FMX template
  • Embedded Zero Footprint viewer for all mobile devices and browsers
  • Intuitive interface design that is quick to learn and easy to use
  • Numerous image manipulations and analysis tools including zoom, pan, windowing, measurements,…
  • Enables users to import and export studies, print or burn to CD/DVD media
  • Ability to compare current and historical studies in one window
  • Highly scalable design provides rapid retrieval of both current and previous studies
  • Multilingual support and seamless integration with clinical and management applications
  • Centralized or online archive
  • Interactive visual tools to customize FMX templates
  • Extensive hanging protocols including various defined FMX template:-
    • FMX 14
    • FMX 16
    • FMX 18
    • FMX 20
    • FMX 10
    • FMX 12 (Child)
    • FMX 8 (Deciduous)
    • FMX 4 (Bitewing)

Comprehensive 3D Tools:-

  • Complete 3D visualization with advanced 3D rendering technology
  • Implant planning solution enables users to plan surgery
  • 3D zoom and segmentation
  • Optional Airway Volume Measure module

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