Because of increasing demand of online medical imaging interpretation and high demand of qualified radiologists, teleradiology has been playing a very effective role in meeting quick radiology interpretations around the clock. Cloud-based teleradiology technology enables radiologists to interpret studies from anywhere at any time. Enabling emergency STAT interpretations within minutes. The low TAT (turn-around time) has helped improve patient care using Paxera’s cloud-based teleradiology solution.

Teleradiology Faster responses for faster care

Faster responses for faster care

PaxeraHealth’s teleradiology PACS solution is designed for faster interpretations on studies. The system enables radiologists to access and interpret studies in real time. The cloud-based PACS is specifically designed for reporting preliminary and final readings from various facilities.

Share studies

Sending studies to radiologists with our teleradiology PACS solution is done in seconds. With a few clicks you can send studies to multiple radiologists. Receive interpretations on studies within minutes instead of hours.

Teleradiology Share studies
Teleradiology Web-based solution

Web-based solution

Have access to studies from any location in and out of your facility. The fully functional solution comes equipped with the tools necessary to create reports and annotations with ease.

Secure backup system

With real-time database backup, you will not lose data again. Studies and databases are saved to your archives as well as to the cloud. This ensures that every study is in its place.

Teleradiology Secure backup system