Enterprise Imaging Solution

PaxeraUltima360 is a modular Enterprise Imaging Platform that can be incrementally licensed and adopted. Our flexible approach allows your organization to select a single scalable, multi-specialty enterprise-imaging vendor solution, while only investing in what you need, when you need it.

Whether you are focused on Radiology PACS, bedside ultrasound, or streamlining imaging for the whole enterprise, PaxeraUltima360 can be priced and configured to meet your needs right now, and grow over time to fulfill your organization’s evolving needs.

Enterprise Imaging PaxeraUltima360


PaxeraHealth’s modular enterprise imaging approach simplifies implementation. Rather than one “big-bang” go live date, our incremental adoption approach minimizes stress on clinicians and IT staff, with no downtime required.

Cloud and on-premise options: PaxeraHealth solutions can be entirely cloud-based, or a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based, depending on your needs

Our enterprise imaging solutions are designed to support your facility’s growth, managed through one simple login and backed by our signature consultation and support.

Enterprise Imaging Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer

Enterprise Imaging Business Analytics

Business analytics

Enterprise Imaging Realtime Collaboration

Realtime collaboration

Diagnostic Viewer

Enterprise Imaging

PaxeraHealth’s full-fledged diagnostic viewer is a user-customizable web-based viewer. The viewer incorporates smart productivity tools and advanced modules to efficiently interpret radiology, cardiology, mammography, pathology, GI, and any non-DICOM image.

Consolidated Worklist

Consolidate your multi-department, multi-site worklists. Access and manage them from a single log-in. Build a customized experience for each user with controlled permissions and track all activity across the enterprise with a full audit log.

Enterprise Imaging
Enterprise Imaging

Universal Viewer

PaxeraHealth’s intuitive zero footprint viewer is designed to easily embed within your organizations EHR / EMR. Break the boundaries between departments and enable a 360 view of patient records across the enterprise.

The enterprise imaging solution’s viewer comes with an ultra-fast streaming engine, comprehensive client-side image manipulation tools and works on all devices and browsers. The viewer takes full advantage of HTML 5, requires no downloads, and leaves no trace behind.

Mobile Viewing Via Native APPs

The PaxeraHealth mobile viewer app – iPaxera – enables your clinicians to view images, and write/ dictate reports from wherever they are – whether at a conference, at home, or on rounds. The simplicity of iPaxera has perpetual benefits, and can be used to improve patient care by showing the patient his or her images at bedside or during a consultation. Read More

Enterprise Imaging Mobile View
Enterprise Imaging Efficiency with Sharing & Collaboration

Efficiency with Sharing & Collaboration

Efficient communication is built on team collaboration – that’s why collaboration workflow tools are embedded into all Paxera viewers to allow clinicians to make quick and efficient decisions on studies.

The PaxeraUltima360 enterprise imaging solution enables multi-PACS, multi-facility interpretation worklists with built-in workflow tools, including: Peer Review, Critical Results, ED discrepancy, and standard-based image exchange.

With our resourceful tools, technologists, radiologists, physicians, practice managers, and other staff members can all communicate seamlessly, assign studies, send messages, and collaborate in real-time on a study, regardless of physical location.

Smart Business Analytics

Extend the value of your data across your entire facility. Utilize the benefit of big data to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, easily track and manage performance, streamline workflow, receive real-time notifications, and ensure that your facility is operating at full capacity.

Enterprise Imaging Smart Business Analytics

Reporting Tools

Enterprise Imaging
A comprehensive reporting workflow connected directly to your EMR provides maximum productivity and flexibility, while allowing reports to be automatically embedded and accessed from the PACS. Paxera’s advanced reporting tool integrates with speech recognition Nuance PowerScribe and Dragon Naturally Speaking, allowing fast and accurate reporting.
View, control, and track reporting progress with enhanced Paxera enterprise imaging reporting tools. Customized cardiology reporting incorporates structural reporting for Cath, Echo, and EPS studies and is designed to reduce error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry. For mammography, the solution includes structural reporting tools for both screening and diagnosis.

Committed to Interoperability

PaxeraHealth is an early adopter of standards, embracing:

  • SMART on FHIR – SMART Health IT is an open, standards-based technology platform that enables innovators to create apps that seamlessly and securely run across the healthcare system
  • XDS/XDS-I – Standards-based Cross Enterprise Document and Image Sharing
  • IHE platform – Information Health Exchange platform for seamless sharing and access to patient records
  • HL7 & DICOM
Enterprise Imaging
Enterprise Imaging

Patient Portal

Deliver value-based care with our patient-centric model. Our patient portal yields better health outcomes at lower costs. Keep patients engaged with an effective messaging tool and patient-side access to medical records. Save time and resources by enabling your patients to upload their own radiology images and medical data.