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PaxeraView PRO is a powerful, stand-alone clinical solution designed to suit the needs of small facilities. The solution allows users to securely archive and easily access patients’ medical images.

The powerful PACS workstation incorporates a complete diagnostic viewer and universal web-viewers that enable physicians and radiologists to view studies from any workstation in the facility – with no plug-in required.

Designed with productivity in mind, the solution offers an unrivaled performance, with a superior DICOM engine, intuitive interface, customized viewing protocols, advanced visualization and diagnostic reporting – all managed through one simple login and backed by our signature customer service.

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For complete management of your PACS database, the PACS workstation provides the platform to import studies, burn CDs, send and receive studies from other PACS, manage study information, and much more.

PaxeraView PRO comes equipped with many smart productivity tools which create a user-driven workflow. Radiologists can efficiently organize studies, diagnose, dictate, and report – all from a single application. Chiropractic tools are also available.

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The incorporated web-viewers provides anytime, anywhere access to medical images and reports from any browser or operating system.

Physicians and users can now access images from any workstation– expanding the PACS range and accessibility. Deliver value across your facility with this versatile, stable, and easy-to-use solution.

The web-viewers do not require any downloads and leaves zero traces. The PACS system works on any browser or operating system and features annotations, measurements, and advanced visualization tools.

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The built-in reporting tools enables you to write or dictate reports directly and securely into the PACS. The report header is fully customizable and will automatically populate with the chosen study information. Report on-the-go with our versatile and easy-to-use reporting tool, which works seamlessly with the voice-to-text software Dragon Naturally Speaking.

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With PaxeraView PRO, all your data is stored locally on a reliable and secure server. Your data is automatically backed up to your hard drive. For added redundancy, we offer cloud back-ups and disaster recovery storage options.

For secure access and control, permissions for all users can be controlled, and we also maintain a comprehensive audit log of all activities on the PACS.