MARCH 11-15, 2020 | BOOTH # 539

Austria Center, Vienna, Austria

Artificial intelligence is poised to significantly optimize workflows in healthcare, facilitate quantifications and increase the value of care provided to patients. At PaxeraHealth, we are decisively a step ahead, and we’ve redesigned the Paxera Enterprise Imaging platform with Paxera-AI at its core.

PaxeraHealth’s AI-based enterprise platform uses the latest machine-learning technologies to monitor users’ behavioral patterns, adjust to users’ preferences, and provide clinical decision support with augmented reading aids and responses via the industry’s first chatbot “EraBot”, with improvements backed up by real data. The AI running at the core of the Enterprise Imaging solution will help decrease workloads by automating tedious tasks, streamlining access to patient data at relevant and meaningful points of care, and improving care coordination.

360 o Access

Unlocks patient history from silos and enables enterprise-wide access

Interactive AI

Interact seamlessly with the platform through voice commands and speed up actionable information

Universal Viewer

Unified viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM from any source and for all files formats

Patient Engagement

Links patients with real time notifications and enables secure access to studies

Collaborative Care

Advanced user collaboration with chatting and real-time sharing tools

Vendor Neutral

Unified repository for all hospital data, context management and eases migration

Chat with the PaxeraHealth team and receive a walk-through of our enterprise imaging solution
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PaxeraUltima360 is an AI-based Enterprise Imaging Platform that can be incrementally priced, licensed, configured and adopted. Organizations can select a single scalable, multi-specialty enterprise-imaging vendor solution with a flexible approach, allowing them to invest in what they need, when they need it as they grow and evolve.

  • Customizable and user friendly, with multi-lingual capable interfaces
  • Ultrafast streaming technology that works on any bandwidth
  • Universal viewer reads any DICOM / non-DICOM files, from multi-modality and multi-ology
  • Dedicated viewing apps for iOS and Android platforms
  • Zero footprint viewer requires no download and leaves no trace
  • Interoperation with virtually any EMR and PACS, enabling seamless access to all patient images across the enterprise
  • VNA archiving for easy migration of studies with advanced tools and dynamic DICOM tag morphing
  • Storage management and retention policies based on clinical metadata
  • Complete solution standardized with advanced modules including collaboration and business analytic tools, cardiology and mammography features, CD/DVD burning tool, MPR/MIP, ortho and chiropractic tools, patient portal, and more

Interactive AI features of PaxeraUltima360 include:

  • Lifelike AI chatbot allows users to interact through voice and text communication, with thousands of built-in commands
  • Supports clinical decision-making with powerful deep-learning algorithms
  • Understands and adapts to user behavior
  • Enables users to get priors and other relevant medical records quickly
  • Utilizes patient data from personal health records and EMRs
  • Near-instant responses on many routine tasks and inquiries
  • Frictionless communication and collaboration, creating more efficient workflow