Accessible, Affordable, and Safer AI Algorithm Creation and Deployment

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PaxeraHealth’s ARK* AI authoring platform allows you to create algorithms with zero coding. Let us show you how you can reduce algorithm timeline development by 80% with the ARK.

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*patent pending

ARK was developed to democratize AI, help reduce medical errors, and increase reading productivity.

PaxerHealth's ARKPaxerHealth's ARK
AI Authoring Platform
AI Algorithms
Number of AlgorithmsUnlimitedLimited
Creation Time2 - 4 weeks18 – 24 months
Annotated DataUnbiased datasetsUnavailable
Coding RequirementZero codingExtensive
Development ToolsHigh end DIYUnavailable
Data TrainingMinimalExtensive

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    Inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark, our zero-coding authoring platform offers “Algorithms as a service” to help healthcare systems and academic centers to DIY their own AI algorithms for all possible modalities, body parts, and anomalies. The Ark leverages a balanced dataset from members using collaborative learning. It will expedite the production of clinically validated imaging AI algorithms for these members and enable them to use high-end modeling, annotation, and native data curation tools.